miscellaneous murals

Its been an intense year with not enough of my own artwork happening in the last few months, I’m rapidly approaching 30 and it turns out that getting married and or having babies is the thing to do for people my age apparently.  Most the summer has been spent  trekking around the country to various weddings, celebrations and stag do’s which has made it a less productive time on the art front. That being said, I did make it out to Croatia, and to Athens painting, and have a load of new paintings Ive not shown yet. I’m finally back in the studio and the new series of paintings is nearly finished, also been working on my container project and a big wall to do next week so, back in the groove just about. Here’s a couple of murals from Croatia and Athens. Blindfolds are the new black it seems- not sure what that about!


croatia ATHENS 2015

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