So, this year painting murals has taken a bit of a back seat to the studio. I got bored of my pieces, and sculpture is  feeling more new and exciting to me right now so I guess I’m just following that impulse through.  That being said- I’ve still made time for a couple of bits.

The Stokes Croft ARts fest in Bristol had me down to paint a couple of spots (ages ago I know..) I was going to take out the big thing off Jamaica St that used to have Josh and I’s “Limited Press” piece- but I was about 2 days out of a plaster cast so decided to go for a smaller spot that didn’t require clambering up scaffolding. In the end I took out one of the Carriage Work’s arches and a plot on City Road over an old piece of mine from a few years ago. I thought I should tidy it up as it had a small pen tag on the background- ironic really as the new version got properly dogged out about 5 days later!

I also painted a Courthouse in Eastleigh recently. More fishes and things sinking- I’m not quite sure why but this seems to be the theme right now.

I also seem to be leaning towards quicker, simpler and less labored paintings- think that’ll be the tip for a while at least.

oh. And the last image was a painting with my old painting buddy Meek. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and turned out we had nearly the same exact drawing of a mountain in each of our sketchpads. There’s a tradition of this sort of thing happening, which either means we have similarly great minds or we’re both idiots…hmm, I think I can see where this is leading… Anyway, we painted upsidedown mountains to celebrate and then celebrated some more at the Bell.





fishes fish detail


stokes croft 1 stokes croft 2 stokes croft 3



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