Studio moves

My studio has now moved into its 8th incarnation, (and 3rd one in less than a year). I’ve re-homed my funny little sculptures, built new places for my tat and finally have a working art-nest which is new and improved but  also  familiar. Its been a ball-ache but I think all the upheaval has been worth it and I consider this one an upgrade. More space, more light , a window that opens and this one even flashes a cheeky bit of view through a few clear glass panels.  Ahh the good-life… I wasn’t quite expecting to be neighbors to the Church of Enlightened Christ’s(or something like that) Power Sundays however. They are pretty powerful, and if were to flag on the spiritual front, at least they’d have a PA system the size of a small spaceship to make up for it. Luckily for me God only likes people to be really noisy on Sundays, so its nice and peaceful the rest of the time.

It took a good couple of weeks to fit the space out. I put in a mezzanine storage thingy , some paint racks and built in desks and stuff. Finally got all that sorted now and have enjoyed a couple of quiet weekends making new work. I actually pretended I was away for the weekend so no-one would phone me and tempt me away from my new den…I’m probably still a bit too young to be indulging in that degree of hermitage but I think it was worth it.



IMG_0574 Studio 2014



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