Open Studios/ 3 day sweatathon

My first London open studios was a couple of weeks back, so just went through the old routine of clearing away all the studio crap, painting the walls white, hiding the valuables and waiting for the influx of weirdos to begin. Despite its oddness, its allways rewarding in a funny way and this year was no exception.

Unlike other Open Studios I’ve done, for this one we had an Opening night, which was spectacular.It was a fantastic evening and I finally got a chance to meet the other 70 odd artist who lurk about somewhere in the maze of closed studios. As per the usual it ended in the pub, this time with a funny mix of karaoke and art analysis to help the beer go down. For some reason the pub didn’t really shut, (in retrospect I think it might have been a lock-in type scenario but no-one seemed to notice at the time) which slightly elongated the night and the walk home was accompanied by bird song.

The success of the first night made Saturday a bit uncomfortable- a fact definitely amplified by the formidable sun that weekend, which turned my well-lit attic space into a green-house. It was busy downstairs, but not many people got past the wall of heat that lingered around the top of the stairs to greet them into my space. That being said, I still managed to meet lots of cool people and got some interest for future projects and sales which is always a bonus. By Sunday I had pretty much had enough of sitting in an unventilated glasshouse and ended up abandoning ship early to paint in the park with Some of the Bristol/London gang who popped over for the day.I Didn’t paint anything ground-breaking, just some basic letters (about all my overheated brain could manage).

The Open studios kind of fizzled out after a great start, but I’m due to be moving downstairs into the cool soon- so hopefully next year will be a little more palletable!

_DSC0152 _DSC0157 _DSC0136 _DSC0131 _DSC0144






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