Whats UP

I’ve spent the last couple of months working on my installation for the Whats UP show at the Southampton Showcase Gallery.
The premise of the show was to get 4 artists (myself, Joe Ross, Stuart Rodda and Duncan Newland) who have a connection to both Southampton and graffiti/street making work which bridged the gap between gallery work and street art. Technically I’m from Bristol, but seeing as I first got caught for Graffiti in Southampton, I think I qualify on both counts!

Its been pretty full on this last few weeks – getting everything together but its been great. This was a really productive brief for me, as it allowed me the freedom to pull together different aspects of my practice, and just enjoy making things without having to edit myself too much. It was also great to work with an organised gallery and to have a bigger budget and a larger space  to play with ,and to have everything sorted out for me, (leaving me free to just make the artwork and then enjoy the free beer!).

The Open night was a huge success (busiest show so far apparently so that’s always nice), so hopefully brought in a new crowd for the gallery too.

Thanks to everyone who came down, and to all involved for making it a great event!


_DSC0011 _DSC0021_DSC0025 _DSC0046 _DSC0062




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